Coding in English

Why hire from Coding in English?

Uniquely Experienced Talent

Our graduates have passed through a multidisciplinary training program to ensure they can make strides in your business and deliver to market -- or improve your current offering.

  • Graduates are trained in a modern technology stack, including React, Python, and Linux
  • Coding in English teaches graduates essential communication skills for the English-speaking information economy workers
  • Graduates have experience from the beginning in navigating stakeholder conversations and requirements, diving into existing code bases, and also beginng from scratch. This is thanks to our unique, immersive curriculum. As a result, our graduates can navigate trade-offs, communicate appropriately, and work as a team to deliver software.

Do Good While Increasing Value

Coding in English is specially designed to offer community members access to the software industry that would not ordinarily have such access - simply because of language barriers.

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